About us


capital solutions is a private Yemeni company specialized in providing high quality solutions and software in the fields of Business Technologies, Financial system, Development , Information Technology and technical support. capital solutions has been started its approach by association with very high technicians ,IT professionals and heavy educated people that contributed efficiency in both software development management in Yemen & Gulf countries over the last 10 Years.


Capital solutions believes that

  1. Customers’ satisfaction.
  2. Processes & Products Quality.
  3. IT Market Leadership.

Therefore the company offers several types of services such as: Technical support, Training and consultancy by using very modern ways & techniques with the minimum response time. capital solutions offers their clients the services of the highly experienced management and IT consultants to provide cost effective recommendations and state of the IT solutions to all their strategic management and technology related business needs .

"understands that software is often the existing of any company and that it must be right the first time and work for a lifetime."

Company Vision

Our Vision is to deliver robust solutions. Develop comprehensive IT solutions for Companies and financial sector in the market to expedite and automate their business needs to improve customers business services, profitability and end them with powerful competition potentials in the market.

Company mission

Our Success is always centering on our passion to a professional practice and our diverse expertise staff to support and maintain all creative IT solution for Business.

Our Goal is to enter into strategic partnership with international IT solution provider to promote creative solutions.

Our Passion is to work professionally and ethically to lead Yemen and Gulf countries business development.

Our ambition is to provide new methodology in solving business needs for IT .